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As one of six IAABO boards in New Jersey, Board 168 is in the forefront of basketball officiating on a state and national level. Board 168 serves the New Jersey counties of Morris, Sussex, Hunterdon, and Warren.


2019-20 Executive Board contacts

See the listing below for all elected and appointed members of the executive board.

Elected Members

Scott Arentowicz


Kevin Downes

Vice President

Steve Peloso 


Steve Allen


Dave De Yong


County Representatives

John Becker


Bobby Courts


Mike Calderella


Terry Cavanagh


Committee Chairperson

John Cullen


Kristen Dufner 


George Tyree


Mike Postorino


Kevin Christman


Todd Maupai

State Board #1



John Cullen


Lee Seras


Jim Collins





All Members are required to attend a minimum of (1) of the Initial (and Mandatory) NJSIAA Interpretation Meetings, as well as (2) additional General Interpretation Meetings. You may attend more than (1) NJSIAA Mandatory Meetings, but you only get credit for attending the first.  You must attend at least (1) Board 168 Meeting

You can find the date, time, and location of all meetings if you check on the Board 168 Calendar located below

If you click on an event, you can copy that event to your personal calendar (If that calendar is on your phone, you can click on the event to launch Google Maps or Waze to get you to that meeting on the day of).


Meeting Attendance

Every member is responsible for making sure that they attend the required number of meetings. All members are required to attend a total of 3 Interpretation meetings over the course of the season. Every member is required to attend a Mandatory NJSIAA Interpretation Meeting. For Board 168 those are the Voorhees or Mendham Meetings, and for Board 33 they are either of the Set 1 Meetings 10/2 in Bridgewater, or 10/7 at PCTI. While it is possible to attend multiple NJSIAA Meetings, you will only be given credit for attending a maximum of one.

The goal for 2019-20 is to have the master attendance database updated and accessible from this website within 48 hours of every Board 168 meeting.

For this season we have decided to pilot a new mechanism to help members track attendance - RefSec Mobile in parallel with our existing system of scanning QR Codes as members enter or leave a meeting.

How to Check in to a meeting using the RefSec Mobile Application


1. Download the app - Start by going to the App Store (Apple iPhone) or Google Play (Android), and download the Ref Sec Mobile App. The first time you launch the application, you are prompted to log in using your cell phone number as your Login ID. This number must exactly match your cell phone number as it was entered in your annual registration via RefSec, otherwise you will receive a message that there are no upcoming meetings for the phone number you provided.

2. Find your meetings - When you open the app after you have logged in, it will display all of the upcoming and available meetings from both Board 168 & Board 33. In the example at right, the next scheduled meeting was an eBoard meeting on November

3. Launch the app - When you are on your way to your meeting. When you arrive in the parking lot, see if you are in a position to check in - you must be close enough to the location, and within the time window to be able to check in. If both conditions are met, you will be asked if you want to check in. Click Yes and then you should see the meeting that you are trying to check in to listed with a green check mark - see image to left -



4. Finish - You would think you might be done, but you are not done yet. Take a second to pull down to refresh (as directed to on screen). When your attendance has been recorded two things will happen. After refresh the meeting you were checking in to will have disappeared, and the next meeting will be at the top of the list. In addition you will receive an email within a few minutes sent to your ArbiterSports email.

5. Getting Credit for Attending - If you attended a Board 168 meeting you are done. your attendance will automatically be recorded. If you attend a Board 33 meeting and check in with RefSec, you can forward your attendance email to attendance@iaabo168.org, or wait until the point where end of season attendance is calculated at which time it will be checked. for all members​.

6. If you don't receive a confirmation email - Please check your Spam/Junk folder. Some school and corporate email systems have started to block emails from domains that they do not see regularly. If you have a comcast.net email address you will not receive this email (it will be sent, but blocked). You will need to add the user donotreply@refsec.com to your list of users you will accept mail from. In many cases, sending an email to this email address is enough to allow future mail to be delivered (You will need to send the email from the account that you will be receiving confirmation emails).

If you attend a Board 168 Meeting and have a QR code - You will need to scan in to the meeting upon your arrival using your personal QR code (example to right). If you do not have, can not find, or forgot where you put your QR code, please send an email to the attendance chair at attendance@iaabo168.org - you will receive a copy of your QR code, as well as instructions on how to save it to your camera roll/photos on your phone. 

If you don't have the RefSec Mobile App or a QR Code - Please see the meeting attendance representative who will record your your attendance manually, or scan your QR code from a master list.

If you attend a non-Board 168 Meeting - We have members who are dual members with another board, members who live or work outside of our area, or sometimes just find themselves in an area where going to a non Board 168 meeting makes sense. There is no problem if you attend, but please make sure that you make sure to send a photo of the attendance sheet (listing your name, meeting details, and signed by host attendance chair) to attendance@iaabo168.org - please make sure it is legible and complete before you send. Non-Board meeting attendance will be updated on a rolling basis.

Please do not expect that you will be able to hand paperwork in and have it count for attendance. Not sure what to do, ask a child or grandchild to help, or show up to meeting early, many folks will be happy to assist. The entire process should take less than a minute


Meeting Attendance Records

Board 168 Master Attendance Records - Published below is a link that will open a copy of the Master Attendance Records for the 2019-20 Season. The Master List is alphabetized. File will open in a new window. Scroll down to find your name, and look at the entry in the Good? column. The entry will contain a number and it will be color coded. If you are registered as Non-Working or Inactive, your cell is black, and no number will display, as you are able to attend meetings, but are not required to. If your cell is red it contains a 0, then you have not attended any meetings (that you have received credit for attending). If you cell is green, it contains a number that is 3 or higher, you have completed your meeting requirements for the year. If your cell is yellow, then your number is 1 or 2 which is the number of meetings you have been credited with attending. You will need to attend additional meetings to reach a total of 3 (1 of which must be a NJSIAA Mandatory Interpretation Meeting)

You can open a copy of the current Master Attendance Status by clicking on this link;



If you look at your attendance record, and feel there is an error - primarily a meeting that you feel you  have attended for which you have not received credit for, there is a process to follow. Start (Step 1) - Send an email to attendance@iaabo168.org. Include your name and the missing meeting in the Email subject. If it is a Board 168 meeting, please indicate how you checked in to the meeting; RefSec on your phone, QR code was scanned, or you checked in with John Cullen. If it was a non-Board 168 meeting, the information needed is almost the same; what meeting, how did you check in, and if you received a signed form, when and how did you submit it?


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