2023-24 Meeting Dates

All working members shall be required to attend at least three (3) meetings each fiscal year, one of which shall be an NJSIAA/NFHS/IAABO Interpretation meeting. The NJSIAA/NFHS/IAABO Interpretation meetings will be the first  meeting held each year. Members will only get credit for attending one (1) of the first two meetings. The remaining two (2) required meetings must be made up of any of the additional five (5) to six (6) meetings. 

  • October 16, 2023
  • Morris Hills High School
  • 7pm sharp

2023/24 Tip-Off Meeting (Mandatory)

This is a Interpretation meeting which you need to attend in person. If you can not attend please check the other chapters in the state and attended thiers.

This year will be using the RefSec  App in order to take attendance. You will need to download this to your phone. 

  • November 6, 2023
  • Hunterdon Central High School
  • 7pm sharp

Other dates will be added shortly.


We are now using RefSec a mobile to help members track attendance as you enter or leave a meeting. Below are the steps on how to use this app.

If you attend another boards meeting, please make sure to send a photo of the attendance sheet from that meeting indicating you where there.


Step 1 Download

Start by going to the App Store (Apple iPhone) or Google Play (Android), and download the Ref Sec Mobile App. 

Step 2 Find Meeting

The first time you launch the application, you are prompted to log in using your cell phone number as your Login ID.  This number must match your cell phone number exactly as it was entered in your annual registration via RefSec, otherwise you will receive a message that there are no upcoming meetings for the phone number you provided.

Step 3 Launch APP

When you open the app after you have logged in, it will display all of the upcoming and available meetings from both Board 168 & Board 33.

Step 4

When you arrive to the parking lot for the meeting you will be attending that evening, verify you are eligible to check in.  You must be close enough to the location and within the time frame in order to check in.  The meeting name/date/time/etc should be indicated with a blue check mark as in the image above.  You will be asked if you want to check in.  Click Yes and then you should see the meeting that you are trying to check in to listed with a green check mark as in the image below.

Step 5

You are not done yet. Take a second to pull down to refresh (as directed in the app). When your attendance has been recorded three things should happen:

  • After the refresh, the meeting you were checking into should no longer be displayed.
  • The next scheduled meeting should be listed at the top.
  • You should receive an email within a few minutes sent to your ZebraWeb email.

Step 6 Finish

If you attended a Board 168 meeting, no further action is needed and your attendance will automatically be recorded.

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