Please review this clip, which is not clear but it's the best available.

Good basket?  Play on?  Email the Interpreter and explain your rational.

This is not something we see very often, so we need to be aware and know how to handle it.

Block / Charge Mechanics

All - Watch this clip and decide who has the best look at this play.

Note the Center gives a preliminary without posting and looking at the NEW TRAIL.  The New Trail also has a call on the play, which is different then the Center's call.  This resulted in the dreaded BLARGE.  They adjudicated the play correctly, but the learning here is, post first and make sure you don't have a double whistle, and if there is, the official who's primary has the play and takes it to the table.



All - Watch this clip and decide if this is "displacement".

This happened in one of my games.  You will see that I step in to speak to the two players after the first free throw and watch was happens on the second FT.  After my foul call the players coach tells me that all the player did was "box out"..... I beg to differ.  Note this happened in a Blow Out, and if this type of play is allowed, then physicality just escalates.  On the next play down the other end, the player in Green decided to get physical and a foul was called.

Please referee until the end, regardless of score... 

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