Each member is responsible for attending the required number of meetings.  All members are required to attend a total of 3 Interpretation meetings over the course of the season one of which is the mandatory NJSIAA Rules Interpretation Meeting. While it is possible to attend multiple NJSIAA Meetings, you will only be given credit for attending a maximum of one.

The goal for this season is to have the master attendance database updated and accessible from this website within 48 hours of every Board 168 meeting.

In addition to our existing system of scanning QR codes, we are now using  RefSec Mobile to help members track attendance as you enter or leave a meeting.  You can also view the master attendance list on the Meeting Dates page by clicking here.


1. Download the App

Start by going to the App Store (Apple iPhone) or Google Play (Android), and download the Ref Sec Mobile App. 

2. Login to RefSec

The first time you launch the application, you are prompted to log in using your cell phone number as your Login ID.  This number must match your cell phone number exactly as it was entered in your annual registration via RefSec, otherwise you will receive a message that there are no upcoming meetings for the phone number you provided.

3.  Find Your Meetings

When you open the app after you have logged in, it will display all of the upcoming and available meetings from both Board 168 & Board 33. In the example above, the next scheduled meeting was an eBoard meeting on November 19, 2019.

4.  Launch the App

When you arrive to the parking lot for the meeting you will be attending that evening, verify you are eligible to check in.  You must be close enough to the location and within the time frame in order to check in.  The meeting name/date/time/etc should be indicated with a blue check mark as in the image above.  You will be asked if you want to check in.  Click Yes and then you should see the meeting that you are trying to check in to listed with a green check mark as in the image below.

5.  Finish

You would think you might be done, but you are not done yet.  Take a second to pull down to refresh (as directed in the app).  When your attendance has been recorded three things should happen:

  1. After the refresh, the meeting you were checking into should no longer be displayed.

  2. The next scheduled meeting should be listed at the top.

  3. You should receive an email within a few minutes sent to your ZebraWeb email.

6.  Getting Credit for Attending

If you attended a Board 168 meeting, no further action is needed and your attendance will automatically be recorded.  If you attended a Board 33 meeting and checked in with RefSec, you can forward your attendance email to the the Attendance Chairperson or wait until the end of season at which time attendance is verified for all members​.

It is recommended that you add the following user to the list of users you will accept emails from:  If you did NOT receive a confirmation email, please check your Spam/Junk folder(s).  Some email systems block emails from domains that they do not recognize.


Please make sure to send a photo of the attendance sheet from that meeting indicating:

  1. Your name.

  2. Meeting details.

  3. Signature of the host attendance chair.

It must be complete AND legible.

Non-Board meeting attendance will be updated on a rolling basis.


Please do not expect that you can hand in paperwork and have it count for attendance.  Not sure what to do?  Ask a child or grandchild to help, show up to the meeting early.  Many folks will be happy to assist.  The entire process should take less than a minute.