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Upon Further Review: Officials Experience the Hudl Advantage

Maps, notebook and coffee.

Athletes and coaches aren’t the only ones experiencing the Hudl edge. Officials are perfecting their craft with help from Hudl as well.

They are at their best when they go completely unnoticed, going about their business without drawing the ire of coaches, players or fans. But when they make an error, they are publicly ostracized and berated by those on the sidelines, on the court or field and in the stands.

Most officials cherish anonymity and fight to earn it. This leads to detailed video analysis, and some officials spend more time watching video than the players they’re tasked with keeping in order. Michael Frain, a Division III football and baseball official in California and a member of Hudl’s development team, said video study is one of the top way’s officials improve.

“It’s supremely important,” Frain said. “We’re into video multiple hours a week trying to break down what we’re looking at and our mechanics. We as officials prepare just as hard as the players from a mental standpoint, watching video and trying to figure out what we’re going to do in a specific situation the next time if we didn’t get it right the first time.”

In real time, officials get one angle to make an immediate decision on the field. But once the game ends, they can study certain plays from a number of angles to understand how they could have improved their viewpoint or made a more accurate call. But officials don’t just watch themselves. They attend camps and meetings, exposing themselves to new methods of video study and examining how their peers performed in certain situations.

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Updates and Info

Good afternoon everyone. I wanted to wish all the best for an enjoyable and healthy season. The games start for "REAL" tonight for our High School Student Athletes, and we have set the bar on what is to be expected and how games will be officiated this year during our scrimmages. Like I said last week, "STAY THE COURSE" don't change the way you officiate just because the season has started.
For those of you that are working with our newer officials, officials that have been working for 3 years or less, please help them out. Some are still trying to understand the mechanics of officiating games properly and want to learn proper mechanics, switches and rotations.
Don't let the uniform issues start, address illegal attire starting tonight. That way when the crew that has your teams over the weekend or next Tuesday night, they won't hear "The officials on Friday let me play"...……
Good luck, travel safely and most importantly HAVE FUN.
Dave De Yong

Message #2 to All Officials, Coaches and Athletic Directors
This is Art Jackson, The NJSIAA Basketball Rules Interpreter
In Season Teaching Points
Concussion Clarification: Rule 3-3-8, NJSIAA guidelines (Blue Book)
The game official says to the head coach….
“ the player has signs symptoms or behavior consistent with a concussion” – The player must be removed from the game.
The Game official will: make note of the injured player name, number and time in the book
DO NOT indicate to the coach or athletic trainer that the player had a concussion; or that he or she may have had a concussion.
As of 12/14/18, the new trend among student athletes is to wear their compression tights with one side long and the other side short. Currently, there is not a ruling that states that the student athletes long compression tights have to be the same length. Therefore, until further notice…the wear of the one leg long and the other short is legal
Question From an Official: Last year I raised an issue about a player playing with a religious head garb. The pig tails on this garb was down almost to her waist.
Answer: Have the student athlete tuck the material inside of the uniform jersey through the neck area.
Art Jackson
NJSIAA, Basketball Rules interpreter