Observations 2016/17 Season

Good morning, I wanted to reach out and provide a few reminders to everyone, especially now that were are nearing Tournament Time.Remember, we need to "Beat the Tape" because EVERY game is being taped by someone. It can be a parent, the school's coaching staff, another teams coach scouting, a student or just an observer. So with that being noted:Be aware of the coaches antics on the sideline and where they are. Keep them in the coaching box. Many times they are just coaching the kids, so a simple reminder while passing by is usually enough to get them back. If it continues, warn them and make sure your partner knows there was a warning, so they don't get warned twice. However, if a coach is out on the floor berating an official, "TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS". In close games make sure you know if a team has and timeouts remaining, and if a team trailing scores, take a quick look at the sideline to see if a coach wants a timeout. Often teams down will try for the quick steal, but if they don't get it, they will foul. GET THE FIRST FOUL, not matter how minimal the contact might seem to you because the next one will be very easy to see/call. Don't put yourself or your partner in a position to have to call a flagrant or intentional foul because you didn't think the first foul was HARD enough. We need to be at our very best. When teams lose this time of year, they go home, there is no tomorrow. We always want to be perfect, but none of us are, but we need to be perfect the last 4 minutes of a game. There isn't enough time left for teams to over come our mistakes that can cost them possessions.
All the best to a strong finish

Please see the following, which is what I shared with you all when the season started. There is NO RULE about rolling shorts, only a RULE ABOUT LOGOS. Make sure the string it tucked in for safety reasons. We have enough to worry about without brining stuff into the game. As the saying goes, "Don't break into jail". Dave De Yong January 26, 2017 To: New Jersey Athletic Directors New Jersey Basketball Coaches New Jersey Basketball Officials New Jersey Basketball Student Athletes From: NJSIAA Subject: Rolling Basketball Uniform Pants The uniform rules are concise and clear regarding what is, and what is not, permissible on uniform jersey and shorts. Rule 3.5 Article 5 summarizes that; A single manufacturer or distributor normal log, label, or trademark meeting the size restrictions is permitted once on the game jersey and game pants. These items shall be contained within a four-sided rectangular space that does not exceed 2 ΒΌ square inches, Officials, Coaches and Athletics Directors have been bombarded with the new trend by the student athlete to roll the pants waistband to make the uniform pants shorter (old school). To accommodate this new trend and to enable the official to focus more on illegal contact, the following guidelines have been adopted and will be followed without exception: 1. Pants without manufactures logos may be rolled as many times as the student athlete likes if he/she does violate the NEW rule requirement that the compression shorts, if seen must match the predominate color of the uniform, black, white or beige and all athletes must be the same. The compression shorts follows the same rule as the headband, wristband, arm/leg sleeves. 2. Student Athletes that have the waist bands rolled and the manufactures logo(s) can be seen by the official has the following options: a. The waistband CANNOT be rolled when the uniform shirt is tucked in properly, b. If the logos can be seen after being rolled once, roll the waistband the second time c. Wear the pants the way they were designed to be worn, 3. The drawstrings in the waistband must be tucked in always.

The season is quickly coming to an end, but as it does the games become that much more important. We are approaching the time of year when a loss will end a teams season, so we need to be rested, ready and prepared to give it our all. We can't afford to kick a rule. To get ready for Tournament time, be sure to review three person mechanics. Study the Primary Coverage Areas (PCA's) for each officiating positions, Lead, Center and Trail. Be ready to rotate as the Lead when the ball gets over half court and settles on the opposite side, but don't over rotate. The key is to get plays right.

    Share a few reminders for all of us
  • Referee should contact your partners and the schools prior to date of the assignment (Especially during the state tournament in the event of an upset)
  • Arrive at the game site at least 1:15 prior to tip off
  • Use Proper Mechanics
  • Enforce illegal contact
    • hands on an offensive player with the ball is automatic
    • An arm bar by the defense that is steering a player away from where they want to go is a foul, in the post or on a guard
  • Be consistent as a crew. This goes a long way to creating credibility as a crew
  • Have a pre game conference as you will probably be working with partners you haven't worked with often
  • Answer questions from coaches that require an answer, don't answer statements
  • A loose ball is not "open season"
  • Last second shot is the Trail or Center, opposite the table
  • Most importantly, enjoy the experience
I wish you all the best to a strong finish
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